Summer School Information

Summer School & Credit Recovery

Summer School Basic Information

Due to lack of enrollment, there was no summer school offered in the 2010-11 school year. No determination has been made yet for the 2011-12 school year.  Please see the credit recovery policy listed below for information on alternate means of making up failed courses.

Credit Recovery Policy (High School)

Final Grade Requirements for eligibility:

65-69 – Automatically eligible
60-64 – Recommendation needed
59 and below – Must retake the entire course

Credit recovery courses will only be accepted if the school is a Pennsylvania Accredited program. Students must take a corresponding course and will receive a 70% if passed. JTAHS grading scale will be used to determine pass/fail for all recovery courses. If there is no corresponding course for the course that was failed then the student is not eligible to take a recovery course and must make it up the following year. Students are permitted to receive private tutoring for 30 hours with principal/school counselor approval. Tutor must be PA certified in the content area.

Credit Recovery options available for students:

JTAHS Summer School – If offered

Cost: $125 per course

E-Bridge Academy – Online Summer Achievement Program - July 11th- August 5th. Must register by June 22, 2011, application available in the guidance office.

Cost: $110 per course

CCTI Credit Recovery Program – Classes are offered at the CCTI building with morning or night sessions. Students work independently through course books.
Contact Claudia Derby for more information: 570-325-9364

Cost: $75 per course

Keystone Credit Recovery – Associated with Keystone National High School Cyber School offers 2 options for completing credit recovery. Correspondence courses are completed in a workbook format and online courses are computer based. Limited course offerings. Applications are available in the guidance office.

Cost: $116 per course

Applications for these options are available in the guidance office. A principal/school counselor signature is required for approval of an outside credit recovery program.