Transfer Between Schools

Students who are transferring within the district from one elementary school to another must contact the current school office to notify them of their change in address, provide the registrar at the Jim Thorpe Area School District Administration Office with proof of residence, and schedule an appointment with the new school to register their child(ren).

Transfer Students to Jim Thorpe Area High School

Students transferring to the Jim Thorpe Area High School from another school district or LEA must provide complete documentation of all completed or current courses taken in grades 9-12 so that proper secondary credit can be issued and a correct schedule provided.  Copies of secondary report cards and/or transcripts from all secondary schools will be acceptable and necessary.

Transfer to Carbon County Career & Technical Institute (CCTI)

Students who are interested in applying to CCTI need to obtain an application from the JTAHS  Career Center or CCTI. The application must be signed by a parent or guardian, and returned to your school guidance counselor to be considered for acceptance. The requirements for acceptance are as follows:

  • Must have achieved sophomore standing. 

  • Successfully completed ninth grade English, Science and Social Studies.

  • Successfully completed an Algebra class (pre, I A, concepts,etc.).

  • A completed application signed off by your guidance counselor.

Students and parents shall review program task listings for their first and second career and technical program choice. Every effort is made to provide students with their first choice.

There is a program for incoming 9th grade students who wish to attend CCTI as freshmen, but enrollment is extremely limited. Contact your school's guidance counselor for more details.