In order for students to ride the after school activity shuttle, they must have the parent permission form completed for each school year and must be enrolled in a current after school activity or sport. The activity bus will travel between the L. B. Morris School , Jim Thorpe Area High School, and Penn Kidder Campus with only one stop at the Penn Forest Firehouse on Rt. 903. The buses will depart the Jim Thorpe Area High School at 6:10PM and will depart the Penn Kidder Campus at 5:30PM.

The shuttle bus will run Mondays through Thursdays only. The student will be responsible to sign up daily for the activity bus if a ride is needed that day. This can be done online on the day needed until 11:00AM. If a student signs up late or is not on the list, transportation will be denied. 

Parent Permission Form: Activity Bus Student Permission Form

Student Sign-up link: Activity Bus Sign-Up Form

The student will be dropped off at the selected location below and will need someone to meet them at the designated location.

Students will not be supervised at the drop off locations.
Using the after school activity shuttle is a privilege and my child is expected to follow all regular transportation guidelines or the privilege of taking the shuttle will be revoked.