Guidance Office

Welcome to the Guidance Department and Career Center

Guidance services are an integral part of the school program. It is the philosophy of the Jim Thorpe Area High School Guidance Department to provide comprehensive guidance and counseling services responding to the developmental needs of high school students in the areas of personal & social growth, academic performance and post-secondary education/vocational planning.  The program also recognizes the unique qualities of each individual student and provides them with opportunities to acquire or improve competencies in the areas of school adjustment and achievement, career planning and exploration, decision making and knowledge of self and others. The staff is committed to assisting each individual in attaining self-understanding and the skills and strategies needed to become life-long learners.  The staff recognizes the dignity and worth of all students and their right to personalized educational services, as well as a confidential environment.  The Guidance Department is dedicated to creating a collaborative partnership with students, parents, teachers and administrators.  The collaboration and mutual support of these groups is essential in the development of the educational process.  An effective counseling program is important to our school climate and a crucial element in improving student achievement and overall well-being.

The Jim Thorpe Area High School guidance staff consists of two full-time certified counselors for grades 9-12 and a full-time guidance administrative assistant.   Our counselors are professional school counselors who meet the state certification standards and abide by state laws.  The guidance administrative assistant is extremely experienced in the policies and procedures of guidance practices.  To assure high quality practices, our counselors are committed to continued professional growth and personal development.  They are actively involved in professional organizations that foster and promote school counseling at the local, state and national levels. They uphold the ethical and professional standards of these associations and promote the development of  the school counseling profession.