Annual Budget Information

General Fund Budget, PDE-2028
PDE-2028 is the budget form required to be submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) by all school districts, career and technology centers, charter schools, and special program jointures. 

Preliminary Budget
School districts that operate on a fiscal year basis must adopt the 2010-2011 Preliminary General Fund Budget.

In lieu of a preliminary budget, school districts may adopt a resolution pursuant to section 311(d)(1) of Special Session Act 1 of 2006.


Final Budget
The deadline for school districts, career and technology centers, charter schools and special program jointuresto adopt the Final General Fund Budget is June 30th.  The PDE-2028 is subject to the provisions of Section 2552.1 of the School Code.


Capital Reserve Funds

Capital Reserve funds are funds acquired through bond refinancing and can be used only for specific capital expenses, like infrastructure projects.  These funds may not be used for general fund purposes.