Mission Statement

Mission Statement, Vision and Shared Values

Mission Statement

The mission of the Jim Thorpe Area School District, as a unified community, is to pursue educational excellence and graduate responsible, contributing citizens.


The Jim Thorpe Area School District community will strive to celebrate learning and encourage a lifelong quest for knowledge. We will value and nurture the talents and uniqueness of each individual. We are committed to creating a supportive, yet challenging educational experience that empowers all members to strive for excellence and to achieve their personal best as contributing citizens of their community, their nation, and the world.

Shared Values

Learning is a lifelong process. Our changing world requires that schools teach the skills necessary to promote and develop this process.

Each individual’s uniqueness and worth must be acknowledged and respected. Successful learning builds self-esteem.

The family, student, school and the entire community form a partnership to share the responsibility for education.

Each student must be encouraged, given the opportunity and support to achieve their greatest potential through the establishment of high expectations.

A school must be a safe and healthy place.

Each student, as a result of their education, must be prepared to be a responsible and contributing member of the changing global community.

Excellence in education is worth the commitment of time, effort and financial resources.

All students need to have access to, training in, and experience with technological tools of the information age.

For the educational process to progress, we must be sensitive toward cultural diversity.