Medical Benefits Open Enrollment 2019

Welcome to Open Enrollment 2019!


The Jim Thorpe Area School District is committed to providing quality benefits for all employees and retirees. This is the time to enroll or make changes to your medical, dental, and vision benefits if you wish. You may also add or remove coverage for eligible dependents (spouse and dependent children up to age 26). This is the one time of year when you can make changes to your benefits without experiencing a Qualifying Life Event (marriage, divorce, birth/adoption of a child, etc.). The benefit selections you make during open enrollment become effective on July 01, 2019.  


Open Enrollment Ends
 May 24, 2019

No enrollments or changes can be made after this date unless you have a qualifying event. 




  • A BerniePortal account has been created for you!  You will need to create your login credentials as follows:
    1. A 2 Digit Code:  This will be the two digits of your birth month. (e.g., If you were born in June this would be “06”
    2. 4 Digit Code:  This will be the last 4 digits of your SSN
    3. Employer Code: 0bb31f


  • Next click on this link: to:
  1. Verify all your information on the Personal Information screen. 
  2. Enroll in benefits
    1. List your spouse and dependents (if applicable)
    2. Elect or waive each coverage: health, dental, & vision
    3. Confirm your elections, sign with your mouse & select “I agree”


  3. You’re finished! You can login to your BerniePortal account anytime to view your elections. Don’t forget to keep your login information in a safe place and for future reference.


Three Tips for Electing Benefits

  1. Use the sidebar on the left to navigate among the benefit types
  2. Use the cart on the right to budget your elections
  3. Use the sidebar on the left if you need to review/adjust your elections


What to do next?  Annual Notices


The purpose of these notices are to inform you of certain rights you and your family may have under Federal & State laws. Please read these notifications so that you will fully understand your rights and responsibilities as an employee of the Jim Thorpe Area School District.

Annual Benefits (pdf)



Jim Thorpe Area School District

Open enrollment and benefit questions can be directed ETA Insurance Group at (570) 669-5050

Please ask for Renee or Sharon and identify yourself as a JTASD employee.