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 Hello Jim Thorpe Area School District Community,

Over the summer the district sold much of our aging technology to the company Tech Defenders as part of our plan to refresh technology that's used by students and staff. Since that plan was announced there have been questions and interest from the community regarding purchasing some of that technology. That was not something we ourselves could offer directly due to not having the time nor the manpower to facilitate such a sale while preparing new equipment for staff and students. However through Tech Defenders that has become possible with a Community Purchase Program.

JTASD/Tech Defenders Community Purchase Program

The JTASD community has been granted access to their online store where you'll not only have access to potentially some of the equipment that was sold to them but additional devices they offer for sale. All of the equipment is refurbished by them prior to sale with the price being determined by the quality of the device. The devices come with a  90 day warranty as well. Please understand that almost all of the equipment we parted ways with is from and around the year 2018. You will see items from different years listed on their store at higher prices. 

We've been granted a code that will apply a discount to your order should you choose to purchase items from them. That code is JTASD10. This will be valid until Oct 13, 2023.

This store, discount, all purchases, and potential support are done through Tech Defenders and NOT the Jim Thorpe Area School District. 

Link to below flyer is linked here.